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    New strategies needed to help SMEs get loans to grow: ILO
    11:11a ET October 16 '17 Xinhua

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) on Monday urged policy-makers to consider strategies that can help SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) get access to funds, including bank loans for their working capital.

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    NBE Devalues Birr, Adjusts Interest Rate
    10:08a ET October 16 '17 All Africa Global Media

    National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE) has devalued Birr by 15 per cent and made interest rate policy adjustments as of today.

    Foreign exchange earnings from export could not finance the import demand of the manufacturing sector, said Dr Yohannes Ayalew, Vice-Governor and Chief Economist at NBE during a press conference held yesterday.

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    Govt to Borrow U.S.$287 Million for Rural Electrification
    1:59p ET October 17 '17 All Africa Global Media
    China's fiscal revenue, expenditure see steady growth
    1:45p ET October 17 '17 Xinhua
    Qatar to finance budget of Global Dryland Alliance for 2 years: PM
    10:17a ET October 17 '17 Xinhua
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